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Using Glass in Your Architectural Design

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Architectural Glass Design NYC BrooklynIf you are having a home built or remodeled, now is the time to really think through all the different options you have. Even if you are planning a new construction or renovation of a business building, it just makes sure to take the time to ensure you are getting the best looking results you possibly can. Since you will already be making a lot of changes, you can often get the structure of your dreams for an affordable price. With this in mind, you should consider adding architectural glass to any project.

There are many different ways that glass can be incorporated into your overall design. While in the past most people really only thought about glass for mirrors and windows; that is not at all the case anymore. Here at Glass Island we can help create custom glass items including partitions, walls, mirrors and much more. We can even have structural glass options that can help support items in your home or give you any type of custom look that you need. If you haven’t considered how you can use glass in your architectural design yet, consider some of these great ideas.


Ideas for Glass in Your Home or Business

The following are some fun and attractive options when it comes to using glass in your architectural design. Remember, since glass is so strong, you will be able to enjoy these designs for many years to come with virtually no maintenance required.

  • Glass Partitions – Many offices require partitions to keep areas separated. Glass is a perfect choice for this as it will help keep the noise down, while still allowing natural light to flow through.
  • Doors – You can put glass doors up in your business so that the entire area looks and feels more welcoming to your customers.
  • Curtain Walls – If you want to let the most amount of natural light in your home or business as possible, consider a curtain wall. These are essentially floor to ceiling glass walls that look great from both inside and out.
  • Rooms – You can have an entire room made with glass walls. This is a nice option for offices and other areas where it is good to have people able to see in and out, but you still want some privacy available.
  • Glass Block Windows – When you want to be able to let light into a room (a bathroom perhaps) but you still need privacy, glass blocks are an excellent option.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can use glass in the design or renovation of your project. We would love the opportunity to consult with you and help you to come up with the exact look and feel that you have always wanted.

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