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Types of Window Repairs

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windws repair nyc brooklyn nyIf you are having trouble with your windows you may think that the only option is to have them completely replaced. In reality, however, there are many different options for repairing a broken or damaged window. Of course, if it is just the glass that is broken, we can safely remove the existing glass and put a new piece in place without any problem. When the issue is with the window itself, however, it can get a little more complicated.

Fortunately, we have the tools, equipment and experience necessary to fix just about any type of problem you may be having. For many people, it is far easier and more affordable to fix a broken window than it would be to completely replace it. Of course, that is not always the case and it will depend on a number of different factors. The best way to determine what the best course of action will be is to contact us for a free repair estimate.

Problems with Windows

The following are some of the more common window issues that people run into, and what may be able to be done in order to get it fixed. Keep in mind that these are some general ideas based on common problems. The only way to know for sure what needs to be done is to have one of our experienced glass professionals come out and do an inspection.

  • Chipped Glass – Glass can get chipped in a variety of ways, but they don’t all require a full replacement. We may be able to seal a chip to restore the beauty and strength to the glass.
  • Cracked Glass – Even some small cracks can be filled without a problem. If the crack is more than a few inches long, or is quite deep, however, replacing the entire piece of glass is likely the best option.
  • Loose Glass – If you can hear the glass rattling with the wind or feel it move to the touch, we can seal it properly without a problem. This will not only eliminate the rattling but also stop any air or even moisture from getting in your home or business.
  • Stuck Window – If you are unable to open or close the window it is likely a sign that it is not perfectly level. While this can be a time consuming job, we can often level it out and lubricate the railings so it opens and closes with ease.  This could also be a sign that the wood has swollen, which often means the window needs to be replaced.

These are some of the more common things that go wrong with windows, and we would be happy to help get any of them fixed for you. Our team of window experts can typically repair these problems at a price much lower than a full replacement.

Contact Us

No matter what type of glass or window repair needs you have, please give us a call at 718-314-7501.

We can answer any questions you have or even come out to inspect the situation first hand. Once we know what is going on, we will give you a free, no obligation quote on the repair so you can make a more informed decision about how you want to proceed.