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Top 10 Benefits of Office Partitions in NYC

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office-partition installation nyc brooklynManaging an office environment can be surprisingly hard in many cases. The fact that there are so many people working in the same area can become disruptive and make it hard to concentrate for many. In addition, the lack of privacy can cause problems and you also need to make sure everything looks clean and professional at all times. Here at Glass Island we have helped companies throughout NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens and Staten Island with all their glass needs, including making high quality office partitions.

Benefits of Office Partitions

If you are looking for an effective way to help your office look great while also remaining very functional, review the following ten ways that a partition can help you with that goal.


  1. Muffles Voices – When you have dozens or even hundreds of people in an area it can get quite loud. Having these partitions in place will help ensure the voices don’t become disruptive to others.
  2. Natural Light – Unlike other materials, glass doesn’t block the natural light that is flowing through the office. Everyone will enjoy the light and warmth of the sun as it travels throughout your office environment.
  3. Privacy – You can choose an office partition option that allows the light to shine through while also providing privacy. We have a variety of glass options that can obstruct sight to a variety of levels so you can have as much, or as little, privacy as you require.
  4. Promotes an Open Atmosphere – Glass partitions are far more welcoming and inviting than completely opaque partitions. Even if you can’t see through the glass, people will find it more inviting.
  5. Secure – Compared with many types of cubical walls and other partition materials, glass is much more secure. It can even be used in areas that require a load bearing wall.
  6. Beautiful – It can be difficult to add beauty to any office environment, so using your office partitions to add a nice touch is always a good idea.
  7. Endless Options – We can create a custom office partition that has the look and feel you desire. We can even use colored glass or create an attractive design that everyone will love.
  8. Easy to Clean – Cleaning glass is much easier than most other materials in the office. Your maintenance team already undoubtedly has everything they need to keep any glass walls or partitions looking like new.
  9. Long Lasting – Most materials that are used for partitions don’t last very long and need to be replaced at least every few years. Glass, on the other hand, is extremely strong and durable so it will last almost indefinitely.
  10. Customer Friendly – If you have customers who come into an office for meetings or consultations, they will feel more comfortable inside of a glass office. This type of option will eliminate feelings of claustrophobia and promotes a more positive environment.

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