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How to Replace a Window in NYC

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windows replacement nycWindows are one of the most important parts of any home or business. In addition to being a beautiful option, they are also important for security and even keeping the temperature in your home well regulated. With that in mind, you don’t want to leave a broken or damaged window in place any longer than necessary. If it is just that the glass itself is broken, that can be replaced fairly easily and inexpensively. When it is the actual window, however, it can get more complicated.

To look at the positive side of it, however, there have been many advancements with windows over the past few decades. With that in mind, if you have older windows in your home or business, replacing them will likely allow you to take advantage of some of these benefits including reduced drafts, easier cleaning and even easier opening and closing.

Having Windows Replaced

The best way to replace a window is to have a professional take care of it for you. While many people think about taking on this job themselves, it is easy to see why it is best left to professionals once you look at what all is required. The following is a basic outline of what we will do when we come to your home or business for a window replacement.

  • Removing Old Windows – It is important to properly remove the old window so you don’t damage the studs or frame of your home or business. This can be a time consuming and difficult job if you don’t have the right tools, which we always bring to every job.
  • Building Out the Window – In most cases the existing opening won’t be the right size for new windows. Even if the replacement windows are similar, there will be some need to alter the opening to ensure there is a perfect fit.  Even tiny gaps can allow air to flow in and out, which can cause a lot of problems.
  • Placing the Window – Once ready, the new window needs to be put in place. This is one of the most important steps and requires a lot of patients.  When people rush through this step the window can end up slightly off center or tilted, which can lead to problems over time. If the window is not perfectly placed, it can end up jamming or becoming very difficult to open over time.
  • Finishing the Window – Finally, once the window is properly installed, it is necessary to finish the area around the window to give a smooth, seamless look. In addition, this is when additional insulation is added to help keep your energy bills low.

As you can see, replacing a window isn’t just a matter of pulling the old one out and putting the new one in. If you want to make sure it is done perfectly, make sure you hire a professional.

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