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Great Ideas for Glass Partitions in NY

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Glass Partitions InstallationNYCHere at Glass Island we are able to create custom glass partitions for just about any situation. There are many different reasons why people choose to add these items to their home or office. In addition to being very attractive, they also provide a variety of other great benefits that everyone will enjoy.

For example, glass partitions allow light to shine in, which is often preferred to other options. These blocks will still provide you with some privacy, however, which is very important. For offices and other similar areas you can use this type of glass wall to block sound in an office, while still having an open and welcoming environment. These additions can also be used throughout homes to help allow natural lighting and warmth from the sun, while still adding security compared to a normal window. The following are some very popular places where people use this type of partition in their homes and offices.

Bathroom Windows

Adding windows in the bathroom can be quite tricky because you want to allow the natural sunlight in and have an attractive focal point, but there are also obvious privacy concerns to think about. This is especially true in the shower or bath area, where it can often be difficult and unattractive to install electric lighting. Putting in a glass partition either to the outside as a window, or on the inside for improved privacy is a great idea.

Outdoor Privacy Wall

A growing number of people are having glass walls installed on their decks in place of a wood privacy fence or other more obstructive option. This allows you to enjoy the light on your deck, while still offering privacy to both you and your neighbors. You’ll also love the fact that it helps to muffle sounds so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or hearing traffic in the area.

Office Partitions

Using glass partitions in office environments is one of the most popular options today. They provide just the right amount of privacy while still allowing people to work comfortably. This type of partition also allows the natural light to shine through the entire office, which can allow you to use fewer electric lights and even reduce heating bills.

Staircase Walls

Many staircases are enclosed in drywall or other normal building materials. While that does provide safety, it can be unattractive too. Replacing that with an attractive glass partition will allow you to keep the safety of the wall while adding in a more attractive look that everyone will enjoy.

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