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Glass Table Top Installation & Repair

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Glass table tops are a great looking option for all sorts of situations. They are commonly used for formal dining tables, but they can be found in other areas too. For example, a growing number of people are choosing to use glass for their computer desks. This gives them a fun and attractive look, which is important since many people spend hours each day working in this area. You can also have a glass topped end table or even entertainment center. No matter what it is you need, it is important to ensure it is well made, and then well maintained or it can cause a lot of problems.

If you have an idea for a glass table top in your head, we can make it for you and even install it on existing table if you desire. We can also repair or replace the glass in an existing tablet if it is having problems. As one of New York’s leading glass companies, we can help you with anything that you may need related to your table.

Our Top Repair Services

While glass tables are certainly extremely attractive and come with many great benefits, they aren’t without their potential problems. The following are some of the most common maintenance and repair type calls we get related to tabletops:

  • Chips – As with anything made of glass, it can chip if people aren’t careful. Dropping a heavy pan or other item can cause a small area of the glass to break loose.  In most cases, we can fill the chip and seal it properly so that it is virtually invisible to the naked eye and will feel nice and smooth to the touch.
  • Cracks – Similar to chips, except they are typically longer, a crack may be able to be repaired. Our glass experts can come out to take a look and perform the repair if possible.  Very large cracks or those that are quite deep may actually require a replacement to be performed.
  • Replacements – When the damage is too extensive to be repaired, we can create a custom piece of glass that will fit perfectly into your tabletop. This will allow you to keep the great looking table you love, without having to put up with the damage.

Building Custom Tables

Many people have an idea in their head about building a beautiful table with a glass top. Some are even able to build the main table section themselves, but don’t have the resources to make their own glass piece. We can help by creating a custom piece of glass that will fit perfectly to complete your project. Of course, we can also make the entire table if that is what you would prefer. Building and maintaining high quality glass table tops is one of many glass related services we specialize in.

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No matter what type of table top related services you require, that chances are we can provide them for you without a problem.

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