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Different Types of Custom Railing Systems

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Railing System Installation NYCWhile most people don’t really notice it, railing systems are used all around us for a variety of reasons. Of course, the most common is to help keep us safe by preventing access to specific areas. In addition, however, they can be used to provide support or even just to prevent people from touching items that they aren’t supposed to. If you need to have any type of custom railing system made, it is important to know what services it needs to provide.

For example, some railings need to be able to stand up to people leaning on them without breaking. Others are more decorative than anything else. Here at Glass Island, we can create a custom railing that will meet all your needs without any problem. We serve both residential and business customers through NYC, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn, so make sure to contact us if you need these services.

Variety of Options Available

Until you are faced with the need to buy a railing system, you likely haven’t thought about what types of options are available. Take a moment to look through all the different types of railings, and the options that you can choose when having them made:

  • Glass Railings – These are very popular for areas where the railing shouldn’t get in the way, but just provide support or restriction. An example of this is at a museum or zoo, in front of an exhibit.
  • Colored Glass – Normal glass is often ideal, but you can also have your railing made from colored glass for a little added beauty.
  • Load Bearing Railings – If the railing needs to be able to keep people back from a ledge or other hazard, it needs to be able to stand up to heavy loads. This means both the railing itself, and the supports need to be made of high quality materials.
  • Stair Rails – Many people like to have a railing along the stairs to help provide support. While typically they don’t get a lot of pressure on them, they can get pulled on when someone is slipping.  With this in mind, it is important that they are easy to grip and strong enough to help people when needed.
  • Decorative Rails – There are some areas of a home or business that may just need a railing that is more decorative. These don’t need to be built with the same strength and anchoring, but still need to be made with quality so they don’t have any problems.

No matter what type of railing system you need, we can make it and install it for you. We can also work in virtually any area including at high heights or public areas.

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If you have any questions about the different options available to you, or how much these types of systems cost, please give us a call at 718-314-7501.

One of our railing experts will be happy to talk with you about the entire process of having a custom railing system built and installed, and can even provide you with a free quote so you know how much it will be. We look forward to working with you.