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How to Decorate Glass Storefronts in New York

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glass_storefronts_nycWhether you are in the heart of New York City, or you operate in a smaller area in Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island, you will enjoy the benefit of operating in an area where many people walk by your store each day. In many situations, your storefront is the first thing people will see and is essentially an introduction or welcoming to your company. Unfortunately, many people have very unattractive or uninviting storefronts that can actually discourage people from ever setting foot in your store.
For most types of businesses, the best option is to have a glass storefront installed so you can display your merchandise and create a bright and welcoming environment for people to see. Whether you already have a glass storefront, or you are looking to have a custom design completed, you will want to take advantage of all the benefits of it you can.

Storefront Decorating Tips

Decorating your glass storefront can be a fun and enjoyable way to draw the attention to your store. Many companies choose to update the look on a regular basis so that those who are walking or driving by won’t just get used to it and ignore the store. In fact, some businesses have done such a good job of this that people actually go out of their way to see what types of designs or decorations they have up. If you would like to take advantage of this easy and affordable type of marketing, review the following great tips to see what will work for you:

  • Use Removable Glass Paint – You can purchase removable glass paint from just about any arts and crafts store and paint your storefront with fun designs, marketing slogans or just about anything else you can think of. The bright colors will grab the attention of people walking by so they will want to come in and see what you have to offer.
  • Update for Holidays – Whether it is a major holiday like Christmas or something less popular “National Talk like a Pirate Day” you can use this as an opportunity to interact with potential customers.
  • Get Creative – The more creative you can be, the more people will want to take a look at your storefront. Of course, once they are looking they will be able to see what else you have in your store and may walk right in.
  • Let Customers Help – Once your store has a reputation for having fun and interesting storefront designs, consider allowing some of your more creative customers help out. They will love the opportunity to feature their talents, and you will benefit too.  Even hold a contest where the artist who wins gets a discount on your merchandise.
  • Go Bold – The more eye catching the designs or decorations on your storefront, the more people will be intrigued.

Of course, you will have to tailor your decorating to the type of business you run. Some companies need to present a more serious storefront than others. The fact is, however, that just about every company can benefit from using an attractive and interesting storefront to bring in customers.

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