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How to Clean a Frameless Shower Door

If you have recently had a frameless shower door put in your home, or you are thinking about adding one soon, you will need to learn how to properly keep this type of door clean. While it is not difficult, it is a little different than many people expect. Read through the following tips to help ensure you are able to keep the entire shower and tub area looking clean and like new with as little trouble as possible.

If you are just moving into an area where the shower is extremely dirty or damaged, you can always give us a call to take a look. In addition to designing and installing beautiful frameless doors for your shower, we can often fix or replace existing ones as well. We serve the entire NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island and surrounding area.

Cleaning Tips

The first thing to remember whenever cleaning your shower door is that it isn’t enough to just wipe it down with a cloth. Since this part of your home is frequently exposed to warm, moist air it is especially vulnerable to mold and mildew. You also have to remember that the rest of your tub or shower area also needs to be kept clean in order to avoid unpleasant smells or spots from forming. The following simple tips will help you to clean the area properly, and keep it cleaner in between full washings too.

  • Top to Bottom – Whenever cleaning a shower area you want to start from the top and work your way down. This will help keep any dirt, debris or even mold from settling on a surface. Clean the ceiling, then all the walls (including the shower door) and finally wash down the floor and let all the contaminants get washed down the drain.
  • Use the Right Products – When you have a glass shower door you will likely want to use a high quality glass cleaner on the door itself. On the other walls, ceiling and floor, however, other products may be necessary.  Trying to clean it all with one product will not give you the results you want.
  • Clean the Inside Frequently – The outside of your door won’t likely get as dirty as the inside. Even just wiping down the inside of the shower or spraying it with an after-shower cleaning spray will help keep mold, mildew and water spots from forming.
  • Vent the Air – After a shower or bath you should leave your exhaust fan running for an hour or so to let all the humidity out. This will help keep the area dry so mildew doesn’t form as quickly.
  • Fix Leaks Fast – If you find that there is a leak in your door, you want to have it fixed right away to avoid some potentially serious problems. We guarantee the quality of all the doors we install, and we can fix the problems with doors put in by other companies.

These simple cleaning and maintenance tips will help you to keep your bath and tub area looking and smelling like new. This is very important as it will allow you to enjoy your bathing or showering experience much more completely.

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